Find Out How To Invest in Up Sonder

Find Out How To Invest in Up Sonder

Big news. Up Sonder’s equity crowdfunding campaign is now live on StartEngine!

We are excited at this chance to raise additional funds to bolster our mission to connect the world to drone services. Don’t miss this opportunity to invest in Up Sonder.

What is Equity Crowdfunding?

Equity crowdfunding gives the general public the opportunity to invest in startup companies in return for equity in the company. StartEngine’s equity crowdfunding platform bridges the gap between potential investors and entrepreneurs. 

We are Excited

With the commercial drone industry expected to double by 2025, Up Sonder strongly believes the future is bright for drones. Today, Up Sonder lets customers easily and quickly hire a drone pilot near them with our Marketplace 1.0. We are working towards a future that offers the public simple, one-click access to autonomous drones that are supported by a network of charging pads (Marketplace 2.0). With additional investment from our StartEngine Campaign, we will continue to develop the technology and infrastructure for Marketplace 2.0.

Invest Today

To learn more about our mission and growth plan, visit our campaign page. We are thrilled to offer this equity crowdfunding opportunity to you. Invest in Up Sonder and help us connect the world to drones,