Learn More About Up Sonder’s Vision

Learn More About Up Sonder’s Vision

Up Sonder CEO Derek Waleko recently put together two videos to give you more information about 1) Up Sonder’s vision for the if-network of drone charging pads and; 2) why precision navigation is necessary for the if-network to reach its full potential. 

Please watch the two videos below and share them with anyone you think might be interested.

Video 1: The vision behind the if-network


Video 2: Why precision navigation is needed


The if-network

This if-network aims to extend the flight time and coverage area of autonomous drones. It will expand the availability of drone services to many more geographies, enabling more users to access drones and acquire their services in much shorter time frames.

Ultimately, our mission is to open access to drone services for all, while addressing the industry-wide issue of flight time and power sources.
Find out more about your opportunity to invest in Up Sonder at https://www.startengine.com/up-sonder.