In the News: Up Sonder Let’s You Invest in Drones

In the News: Up Sonder Let’s You Invest in Drones

Up Sonder is entering the final countdown for its equity crowdfunding campaign on Republic. Don’t miss the chance to be part of our mission to be a one-stop solution for drone services, go here.

Up Sonder is proud to be the first drone services company that offers its pilots and the general public a chance to own equity in a drone startup because we believe that everyone should have the ability to benefit from the coming drone revolution. We are also super excited that our unique approach is resonating in the news media! Check out the interviews of Up Sonder’s CEO and Co-Founder Derek Waleko below.


Find out the inspiration that led Derek to found Up Sonder and future plans for the ‘if’ network.



Learn more about Up Sonder’s CEO Derek in this eye-opening interview from Republic. Don’t you want to know his spirit animal!?



No radio show called the Startup Showcase would be complete without Up Sonder’s pitch for a drone future.



Listen to Up Sonder’s idea of integrating autonomous drone flight into Marketplace 2.0.



Making money, FAA regulations and hiring drone pilots—this interview covers it all.


Evan Lee catches up with Derek to get the scope for their investor network, read the interview here.


To find out more about investing in Up Sonder go to our campaign page on Republic and to find out how to hire a drone pilot check out our website.