Meet Up Sonder, the first on-demand drone marketplace for the commercial industry and the everyday person – – January 24, 2017

Meet Up Sonder, the first on-demand drone marketplace for the commercial industry and the everyday person – – January 24, 2017

Up Sonder is ready to soar. The first peer-to-peer on-demand drone marketplace, Up Sonder is ready to help you get up and stay up, leveraging UberRUSH’s technology to deliver drones in New York, San Francisco, and Chicago.

Drones have become a part of everyday life, growing far beyond their commercial uses. Up Sonder is connecting those who own drones with those who want to take flight. For the renter, Up Sonder’s unique service eliminates the hassle of traveling with a drone or spending large amounts to enjoy a quality drone. It offers travelers the ultimate selfie, vloggers enhanced content, sports enthusiasts professional coverage, real estate agents a competitive advantage, and wedding photographers unforgettable memories. Even farmers and urban planners are taking advantage of drones and, with Up Sonder, now have the ability to save thousands of dollars. Members are able to access the Up Sonder marketplace to find and rent a drone or service near them at a cost much lower than owning a drone.

Commercial industries will also be able to get in on the action to help reduce costs by setting up a business account. Up Sonder’s nationwide FAA certified drone pilots are able and ready to help companies like AT&T have more options when inspecting their cell towers, or construction companies like Bechtel have more access and cost-effect solutions no matter where they build. Up Sonder will even help insurance companies like, GEICO handle claims when disaster strikes. Maintaining a fleet of drones and having a pilot on payroll, plus travel expenses, won’t always make sense, but when only a drone will do, Up Sonder will be there to fill in the gaps.

Meanwhile, drone owners can supplement their income by renting out their drones, knowing their equipment is protected by Up Sonder. In addition, Up Sonder allows for providers and established drone businesses to earn even more by leveraging their operational experience and offering it on the Up Sonder platform as a service. Providers have the added bonus and peace of mind knowing Up Sonder’s company guarantee protects each and every drone.

“Drones are an amazing tool, with both creative and practical applications,” says Up Sonder CEO Derek Waleko. “Our on-demand marketplace allows users to access drones in an affordable, safe, and informed way like never before. Giving the industry and the public this kind of access opens up new use cases. Our entire team uses drones, and we see the value in incorporating drones into everyday life. It’s the modern day kite flying and the future of dog walking. The bottom line is, it’s impossible to fly a drone and not have fun. Everyone should give it a try, and now they can.”

Making that access even easier is UberRUSH. The trusted delivery platform is working with Up Sonder to deliver drones in a way that has never been done before, with same day deliveries in as little as 30 minutes.

Up Sonder’s $1,000,000 liability insurance policy protects providers that rent out their drone to gives them peace of mind. With Up Sonder, providers can easily accept and manage bookings from within the platform. They can also access payments, scheduling, inventory management, customer messaging, and sales through the online portal. Drone renters can schedule and make their payment quickly through Apple Pay or other methods on the platform.

Just last month, Up Sonder celebrated a huge win at the International Drone Expo (IDE) when the company won top prize and was one of three chosen to receive $100,000 in funding from Singh Ventures as part of IDE Drone Pitchfest Competition 2016. In addition, Drone360 magazine has named Up Sonder as one of the top five drone startups to watch in 2017.

With aggressive plans to expand across the U.S. in 2017, going international shortly thereafter, Up Sonder is also thrilled to be working with AirMap technology to create the ultimate app to control all drones, coming in 2017.

Check out Up Sonder online at and follow the adventures of mascot Sonder the worker bee (Sonder is an anagram of “drones”) on Facebook and Twitter.

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